Due to the inclusion of the study topics in the departments of architecture on the fields of humanities and natural sciences so the study of curriculum for courses in different stages has varied ,and as a result the patterns of thinking required to deliver and to clarify these tuition of curriculum to students due to different topics of each subject, and this has formed the research problem which was that " there is a lack of a clear vision that linking kinds of thinking which appropriate to study vocabulary in this school stage in the departments of architecture in Iraq. Hence the research has sought to clarify the relationship between the type of thinking required to deliver and explain the different types of the study vocabulary approved in the departments of architecture in Iraq and for all academic levels. The research methodology rely to clarify what is meant by thinking, types and characteristics associated with each type, and then clarifying the type of problem solving that requires to be resolved in those courses at this stage in order to reach to combine between types of solutions to problems for the academic vocabulary and types of thinking required to solve them. And Due to the connection between Thinking Patterns and Cognitive strategies , so they have been assigned and compromised with each type of the thinking Patterns as they are recommended to Activate each kind of thinking Patterns that are belong to each of the curriculum to each subject of the curriculum.It was between the results of the research that has been carrying out the link between types of vocabulary study at that stage of study and type and characteristics of thought patterns required to solve the knowledge or educational problems of those vocabulary, and also clarifying the linkage between thinking Patterns and the Cognitive Strategies, in order to focus on when making those vocabulary by lecturers in order to accomplish the goals of cognitive or educational for those curriculum in a faster, easier and simpler way for the lecturer and student.