The planning processes are, need information and spatial data are based to achieve the goals of planner. This information and can be summarized in the information regarding studies Urban including how the spatial distribution of land uses as well as the information of other social and economic ..This information enables the planner to achieve specific targets, including identify the problems of land use and knowledge of the needs of the land necessary to meet the needs of population growth. This research are aims to use the techniques of spatial analysis as in the software of geographic information systems depending on the tool of Spatial analysis Extension in locating areas with most suitable to accommodate expansions who arise due to increased population growth in the Iraqi cities. Fallujah was taken as a case study in this subject adopted the methodology of this research. on the composition of a number of layers of spatial retinal default (Rasters), based on the concept of the area adjacent Buffer and by layer virtual each layer (Vector) of Substrates For a map of roads and green areas and built-up areas and bodies of water, wells, and the type of soil and the city center and then the modeling processes are develop a set of relations, mathematical and logical, which result in them after the implementation of this model (Model) and within the program Arc GIS has been obtained for the class that represents the candidate regions to accommodate population growth (Suitability Map For Urban Growth) and by priority polygon format radiography (Vector Polygon) which can be provided to outline a new approach to take maximum advantage of geographic information systems (GIS) software for better planning of the so-called required maps of the Master plan.