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Issue 5,

Issue 5

Effect of Temperature on The Solvent Extraction of Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), and Copper(II) Metal Ions by o-diphenylamino Benzoic Acid

Matheel D. Al-Sabti

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 496-500

The solvent extraction of cobalt, nickel, and copper ions by the ligand odiphenylamino
benzoic acid in chloroform at 273, 293, and 318 K has been
investigated. The values of pH1/2 and kex as well as the values for the thermodynamic
parameters ΔG, ΔH, and ΔS have been calculated.

Effect of Zinc Phosphating on Corrosion Control for Carbon Steel Sheets

Mohammed Hliyil Hafiz; Junan Sttar Kashan; Ali Shaker Kani

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 501-511

For many years, phosphating is one of the recognized, Improvement of
carbon steel for corrosion by using phosphating method, has been made. It
can augment the design process and present a number of experimentally
determined factors that should be applied to present work. This work
approach to protection for bare carbon steel, different factor e.g., thickness,
time of phosphating adhesion force, protection potential with phosphating
and protection potential with phosphating and painting.
It is found that phosphating coating is proper to protect the carbon steel.
The results conform to the theory of protection.

Optical Constants of Zinc Telluride Thin Films in the Visible and Near-Infrared Regions

Khalid Z. Yahiya; Evan T. Salem; Muhammad S. Muhammad

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 512-519

In this study, thin films of ZnTe were deposited on glass substrates using
vacuum evaporation technique. The optical measurements on the deposited films
were performed to determine the transmission spectrum and the absorption spectra
as a function of incident wavelength. As well, optical parameters, such as
extinction coefficient, value and type of energy gap, type of the dominant
absorption processes, real and complex refractive index as functions of incident
photon energy, were determined. This study may present better understanding for
the optical properties of ZnTe thin films and their devices in order to enhance their
characteristics and improve their efficiencies.

X-Ray Radiography of Alumina to Kovar Joining

Abdulhadi K.Jedran; Zareh A.Sarkiss; Selma M.Hussain

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 520-527

In this work alumina samples were used to be joined with kovar alloy by using
different filler types . Fillers were formed with different concentrations of Silver ,
Copper , and Titanium powdered metals . These fillers where by mixing powders
and compacting by hydraulic press , and sintering by tube furnace with argon
atmosphere of 1100 oC and time of 60 min. Alumina/Kovar assemblies were joined
in vacuum furnace of pressure of 2x10-4 torr at temperature of 850 oC and time of
20 min. .X-ray radiography was used evaluates and detect the defect in contact area
Thrtee types of defects were detected namely craqcks , voids and Non uniformity .
Shear test was achieved to determine joint strength . Correlation between shear test
(destructive test) and X- ray radiography (Non destructive test) was found .

Effect of water on the properties of some polymeric composites

Balqees M.Dhyae; Khansaa D.Salman

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 528-535

The effect of water was studied on some physical and mechanical properties
including (Roughness, Hardness, Compression Strength), and diffusion coefficient
was calculated using Ficks’ 2nd law for a polymeric composite materials
PVC+carbon black, Epoxy+Al powder, Epoxy + E-glass (chapped)), with
volume fraction Vf=30% reinforcement for all specimens, results showed the
negative effect of water on these properties which is differed between one
specimen and other, PVC+CB was affected more than Epoxy+E-glass then
Epoxy+Al powder and the diffusion coefficient (D) was less for Epoxy+Al then
PVC+CB and the less value was for Epoxy + E-glass .

A Comparative Study Of Roller And Hammer Compacted Asphalt Concrete

Ayman A. Abdulmawjod; Saad Issa Sarsam

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 536-543

In this work, Dense and Gap graded Asphalt Concrete samples were compacted in the
laboratory using two modes, the first one was the traditional Marshall method of hammer
compaction; Cylindrical specimens were constructed using three different Asphalt
percentages; While the second mode was the TRRL roller wheel compaction, slab samples of
(30×30×7) cm were constructed using the same Asphalt percentages, core specimens were
obtained from the slabs. All of the Asphalt Concrete specimens were subjected to Marshall
properties determination, indirect tensile stress test, Hveem stability and cohesion tests. A
comparative analysis of testing results was conducted. It was concluded that Dense graded
Asphalt Concrete shows superior quality when
compared to Gap graded one when roller wheel compaction was adopted. Gap graded Asphalt
Concrete shows higher quality when Marshall Hammer compaction was adopted.

Thermal Characteristics Of Ceramic Packed Bed

Raghad H. Hilal

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 544-551

Convection heat transfer in horizontal channel filled with saturated packed
bed has been studied numerically using finite difference technique. The channel
wall is heated at constant heat flux and packed with a fluid – saturated spherical
ceramic for diameter ratio (0.287). Air , helium and carbon dioxide are used as
working fluid at Reynold number ranging (100 – 2500). The results show a
significant effect of varying prandtle number on heat transfer rate and friction
factor at different Reynold number. The radial temperature profile increase as the
prandtle number decrease. The heat transfer rate increase as the prandtle number
increase , Carbon dioxide is greater than for air and the last is greater than that for
helium at the same flow conditions . Friction factor proportional inversely with
prandtl number. New Correlations are obtained in this work:
Nuav = 24.548 Re0.238 Pr0.0787
F = 39.1917 (
d Re

Privacy Preserving for Data Mining Applications

Soukaena Hassan Hashem; Ala; a H. AL-Hamami

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 552-564

The results of data Mining (DM) such as association rules, classes, clusters,
etc, will be readily available for working team. So the mining will penetrate the
privacy of sensitive data and makes the stolen of the knowledge resulted much
more easily. The main objective of the proposed system is preserving the privacy
of data mining, that will done by developing algorithms for modifying, encrypting
and distributing the original data in the database to be mined. So we ensure the
privacy of data (original data in database that will be mined) and the privacy of
knowledge (the association rules extracted from mined database) even after the
mining process has taken place. The problem that arises when confidential
information can be derived from released data by unauthorized users can be solved.

Interference of Scouring action between Pier and Abutment: Primary Approach

Jaafar Sadeq Maatooq

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 565-569

Presented here are the results of a limited experimental program dealing with
the problem describing the scour , which is formed around bridge pier neighboring
abutment . To achieve this the results shown , generally, that the scour depends on
a distance interaction between pier and abutment . A modification factor deals with
this distance presented as a multiplicative factor used with an empirical predictive
formula of scour depth around bridge pier .

Study Optoelectronic Properties of Ag2O Heterojunction Prepered by Thermal Oxidation Technique

Khalid Z. Yahia

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 570-578

Highly (101)-oriented p-Ag2O thin film with high electrical resistivily
was grown by thermal oxidation (TO) on clean monocrystalline p-type Si
without any post- deposition annealing. From optical transmittance and
absorptance data, the direct optical band gap was found to be 1.4eV. The
electrical and photovoltaic properties of Ag2O/Si isotope heterojunction
were examined in the absence of any buffer layer. Ideality factor of
heterojunction was found to be 3.9. Photoresponse result revealed that there
are two peaks located at. 750 nm and 900nm .

The Effect of Magnetic Water on Dissolving Kidney Stones

Ali M . Mousa; Ahmed S. Hmed

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 579-587

Present study considers physical characterization of magnetized water in
dissolving Calcium Oxalate which is the constituent of the predominate kidney
stones. The physical parameters like Total Dissolved Salts ( TDS),pH value,
electrical conductivity and surface tension have been evaluated in magnetized
Calcium oxalate solution. This analysis shows that the Surface tension decreases
with increasing magnetic field intensity and exposing time, while the other three
parameters increase.

Formation and Operation Parameters of SiC Electrodes in Laser Discharge

Adawiya J. Haider; Hassan W. Hilou; Aqeel S. Rahim

Engineering and Technology Journal, 2008, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 588-601

In this work, laser discharge electrodes were fabricated using SiC
composite as a base material. The electrodes were also fabricated by adding
copper to the composite material under different formation conditions. These
electrodes were employed to operate discharge system of a TEA-CO2 laser.
Operation parameters were studied considering several influences such as
reduction factor, grain size, forming pressure, sintering time and
temperature, and copper added ratio. Also, the electrical characteristics, such
as conductivity, electric discharge uniformity and current pulse shape, were
introduced. It is aimed to optimize the experimental conditions leading to
produce the discharge electrodes suitable for stable and long-life operation of
laser system.