Engineering and Technology Journal is a global, scientific and Open Access journal. Publishing under the license of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY), this journal is published monthly by the University of Technology (UOT), Iraq, since 1977 (printed version) and since 2005 (online version). ETJ publishes original articles and review papers in the fields of engineering and science. The journal uses a double-blind peer-reviewing system to assure the quality of the publication. The Turnitin service is used to prevent plagiarism and to ensure the originality of our submitted manuscripts.

Publishing Schedule

Engineering and Technology Journal publishes issues monthly. More information can be found in Journal History

Open Access Policy

All research articles published in the Engineering and Technology Journal are fully open access: immediately freely available to read, download and share.

About the publisher (University of Technology-Iraq)

University of Technology (UOT) in Iraq is a leading educational organization for Engineering, science, and technology. To be one of the outstanding leading institutions, distinguished in various specialized engineering and scientific disciplines that satisfy the renewable society requirements and the rapid technological developments. To meet this challenge, the university has adopted to prepare technically oriented engineers and scientific researchers, distinguished in their high standards of knowledge and intellectual ability that comply with the international sound criteria of accreditation and quality assurance for the engineering and scientific programs and full commitments of the professional ethics. All areas of UOT - facilities, faculty, students, and programs - are directed to the attainment of these goals.



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