This policy sets out how the Engineering and Technology Journal (ETJ) authors can archive copies of their work on their own web pages, corporate web pages, and various other subject repositories.

ETJ is an open-access license. Therefore, articles can be made available immediately according to their specific Creative Common license terms. If an author has published an article under an Open Access license, ETJ would encourage the author to share the Version of Record on publication as opposed to the Accepted Manuscript.

Authors may also reuse the Abstract and Citation information (e.g., Title, Author name, Publication dates) of their article anywhere at any time including social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs and Twitter, providing that where possible a link is included back to the article on the ETJ site. Preferably the link should be, or include, the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which can be found in the Citation information about the article online. In addition, the author may place the accepted version in the author personal website and/or the author company/institutional repository or archive. Self-archiving of the submitted version is not subject to an embargo period.

A summary is provided as follows:

Authors can share their preprint anywhere at any time. If accepted for publication, we advise authors to link the preprint to their formal publication via its Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Author Accepted Manuscripts
Authors are free to share (Author Accepted Manuscript) on any institutional or subject repository.

Published articles (Version of Record)
All authors and users are free to use, reproduce, or distribute the works published in ETJ in any way they prefer on the condition that the reproduced/redistributed material acknowledges that it was originally published in ETJ with all relevant publication details. When sharing works published originally in ETJ on other platforms, we advise using the final version made publicly available on ETJ website.


ETJ is now formally archived at the Iraqi Academic Scientific Journal (IASJ)