Engineering and Technology Journal (ETJ) was first established in 1977 in a printed version only. In 2005, ETJ was published online. The journal was initially named "Scientific Journal" and had a print ISSN of 1681-6900  in 1977. However, in 1983, it underwent a name change and became "Engineering and Technology Journal," while still retaining the same print ISSN of 1681-6900. Then, after initiating its first electronic website in 2005, the journal adopted an online ISSN of 2412-0758.

The first website was on a static platform. Then, the journal was moved to the OJS platform in 2017, and the static website was archived. Finally, in August 2021, the eJournal Plus platform was considered for ETJ.  Most of these articles can be found on the journal’s website. However, For the years 2005-2022, all articles are archived on the website of the Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals.

Since its online publishing, ETJ has published articles in Engineering and Science disciplines. The number of issues for each discipline varied for each year. Engineering issues were recognized with the letter (A), while science issues were recognized with the letter (B). The publishing schedule was more than 12 issues per year. However, since the use of the eJournal Plus platform in August 2021, the publishing of ETJ was organized according to the subject of the articles and was set to be monthly. Therefore, an issue is published each month for a specific subject in Engineering disciplines and one issue for all Science subjects. The total number of issues is 12 issues per year.

ETJ published articles in both English and Arabic up to 2018. However, from that point onward, the journal switched to exclusively publishing articles in English.

DOI was first obtained in 2019. Nonetheless, ETJ is working continuously to assign DOIs for previous issues to improve the journal content. Currently, all issues for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 have DOIs for their articles.

It is worth mentioning that, since ETJ’s establishment in 1977, the journal has published more than 6000 scientific articles.